Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October's Cheese of the Month is….

Another month another cheese to sample. This month’s cheese will be pretty simple to find. I decided to go easy on ya! Cheddar. I’m giving you a lot of options and room for creativity here. You can choose any type of cheddar you desire. Mild, Sharp, Extra Sharp, White, Smoked, Pepper Jack…as long as it has Cheddar in the name you can use it.

Remember that you can always make more than one dish and make anything from desserts to soups to dips to anything your heart desires! Please don’t forget to e-mail me when you are done.

What is Cheese of the Month? Go here to find out:

Good Luck fellow Cheese Heads!


friedwontons4u said...

Ohhh cheddar...hmmm I have something in mind, but your asiago bread have me rethinking on something else.

Cristine said...

Oh yay! I can definately find cheddar! The hard part will be choosing a recipe!

Adventures in Gluttony said...

Friedwontons4u: oooouuuu...I can't wait to see what you come up with. Your recipes are always so unique.

Adventures in Gluttony said...

Cristine: Wonderful! That is why I chose Cheddar. I figured that every store has got to have some form of cheddar and there is a lot you can do with it too! Remember you can always do more than recipe if you want. ;-)